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I met this woman almost 10 years ago when I was bright eyed and new to New York.  we both had that sparkle in our eyes with determination to make it big in the big city.  I’ve shared monumental moments in history with Isis like cheering on our first black president (asleep on the couch next to khalid) while we watch in anticipation of what’s next. we’ve shared amazing food together.  I’ve been to impactful fund raising festivities for Rush Arts because of Isis.  One of the few souls that has visited me in South Africa, I will always have a golden spot in my heart for this woman.  ❤️

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Stephy poo!! From Wyoming to ATL to NY, Harlem, Brooklyn and South Africa. Near and far. We always find our way back.
this is what december is looking like 💥

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Pool on the inside, beach on the outside. This house is EVERYTHING, between this and the palm wine, not sure if I’ll need to leave. #decemberinghana #beachhouse #africa #travelafrica 
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#summerfridays #selfie with @brooklynsmoon + @jaysonrodriguez 🔆
totally honored to be guest co-hosting @afrikatwentyone this tuesday eve from 5-7pm est with @freilikefree.  🎤
then they ask if you would like some water #3youngGentlemen #brooklyn #urbanpicnic
adoring their dedication to the presentation #3youngGentlemen #urbanpicnic
gone for a few short years & the skyline changes #newyork
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